The North Face Jacket conference, Conti confirmed that the cap

  • Conti confirmed that Terry did not play Arsenal have not decided whether the starting small law Arsenal will play Chelsea at home. Contest The North Face Jacket conference, Conti confirmed that the captain John Terry to continue due to injury, without incident, the Italians will continue to discharge Luis partner Cahill Hill defender combination. Conti confirmed that Terry did not play Arsenal have not decided whether the starting small law Conti confirmed Terry's absence as soon as he got up: "Yes, Terry's injury was not good and he certainly could not play against Arsenal. The exact date of the return would not be definitive." The last Premier League Chelsea lost to Liverpool, after the League Cup and Leicester's war, Chelsea will usher in another giants Arsenal challenge. "I think it was a good idea to play Arsenal after losing to Liverpool," Conti said. "Arsenal is of course a hot title contender for the championship. It does not require me to mobilize the players and everyone is motivated." " Small law can start? Conte still refuses to give a definitive answer: "Arsenal against him is a special game for him and he is in good shape. Can starting tomorrow? Most likely, but I have not made the final decision." Manchester United VS Leicester City Preview: The biggest doubts Rooney Red Devils defense instability In the 2016-17 season, Premiership will be in focus for the sixth round of the game, with Manchester United facing Leicester at Old Trafford. Manchester United won the League Cup midweek 3-game losing streak, but also requires a convincing victory to enhance the team's confidence. The two teams had 122 encounters Manchester United The North Face Jacket 61 wins, 28 draws and 33 losses, the two teams clash in the Premier League 20 games Manchester United 12 wins, 6 draws and 2 losses last season, the two teams in the Premiership both draw. Nearly 16 teams clash two teams Leicester City won only one, Leicester City last Manchester United win or 1998. In the Community Shield last month, Manchester United 2-1 beat Leicester City. Recent League two teams are not good Although Manchester United won the League Cup midweek, Manchester United had suffered a three-game losing streak in the past but dropped to the top four in the Premiership and was in dire need of a league victory. De defending champion Leicester City is now ranked only 11th, the last league away by Liverpool 4-1 swept, if the city of Leicester and then lose, then the situation and the defending champion last season, Chelsea will be somewhat similar. Rooney is the starting Rooney is the starting lineup is now the biggest focus of the United team. Rooney recent performance is very bad, League Cup mid week in the face of the British team did not play, in order to get Wayne Rooney to recover the state, Mourinho has Rooney in the frontcourt played a number of positions, but no matter where Rooney Poor performance, so now Roh won the high voice. Rooney himself did not admit defeat, in an interview after the League Cup, he said that most of the outside world comments are rubbish, he will strive to be yourself. Now Wayne Rooney can continue to start, not the field performance support but his position in Manchester United's support, Pogba, Makhtaly and even Mata, Herrera can play the midfielder, Rooney can replace a lot of people. For the coach, replacing Rooney if the results continue to be poor, then the authority within the team will be questioned. And now the schedule for Mourinho is very bad, Manchester United in the league will be continuous against Leicester City, Stoke City, Liverpool and Chelsea, in addition to other Stoke City opponents are not good to deal with, won Rooney is not likely to continue after the bad performance is not small. Manchester United back line how to adjust Manchester United recent defensive line performance is not ideal, midweek League Cup so that the British team often create a threat. Manchester United now the biggest problem is the defender linebacker, Smolin and Blinder are not ideal state, while the new aid to Bailey has also been the recent decline. The city's opponents Leicester City has Vardy, Ma Jerez, Sri Lankan offensive players, no matter how with Manchester United Zhongwei, are hard to reassure. In addition, the left back Luke - Shaw injury is also the key to this field of defense, if Luke - Shaw can not be promptly injured, then the left back the first bench is Luo Huo. Luohu this summer until now, whether warm-up match or the performance of the official game, can be described as a disaster, let him kick the left back starting, I am afraid this side is difficult to block his opponent's impact. Want to buy all kinds of accessories, clothes, shoes, please enter my store