In the field after the nba2kmt outside the public opinion

  • In the field after the nba2kmt outside the public opinion is almost one side to denounce the tie, and the Spurs coach Bobovich in today's interview is also directed at Pachulia against Leonard's defensive action is a violation of sports moral deliberate behavior The Talking about outside criticism, Zaza obviously want to make an explanation. "That's not true, this (the outside world's opinion) will not affect me," Pachulia once again explained the incident today, "I have already said that last, I just did what I had to do I had to interfere with him (Leonard) nba2kmt, frankly I really hope he nba2kmt fell on my feet, and I was also at the time of the same time, Really do not know his feet will fall on my feet, I look back to find him down on the floor after his shot, I immediately ran back to try to grab the rebound.Obviously he was when I turned around Stepped on my foot, and then I heard the whistle, so I no longer run, and wait for the referee's side of the response because I know that he did not contact with him, I have some strange why the referee whistle, but when I Looking back, he was clutching his ankle, and I was trying to figure out what happened in the field. According to ESPN Mark Mark - Stern reported that Pachulia will not be nba2kmt to yesterday's controversial defense of the game was the Union punishment. Beijing time on May 16, according to the advocate reports, the recent news that the New best way to get myteam points 2k17 pelican will let the team coach Alvin - Kim Terry and the team general manager Dell - Temple in the next 2017-18 season At the same time to stay. Dell - Duncus in July 2010 took over as a general manager of pelican, he was in February this year, the amount of money from the city of Saxi transaction to get DeMarcus - nba2kmt, and to some extent also helped him keep his own jobs.