Bradley through 2k mt to get the vacancy

  • The game into the tug of war, the last 39 seconds, the 2k mt Army sideline serve, Bradley through running to get the vacancy, he left the corner of the left corner stepped on the vote on the vote, the ball firmly into the basket. The other 2k mt of the Wizards Bill also throwing hit, the score was equalized again. Since then, Howard hit the cast board, but unexpectedly the Wizards of John - Wall in the 2k mt three minutes before the start shot sword throat. Finished the first 1.7 seconds, the Green Army last vote to grab the time, a small Thomas ball after the ball against the third shot, the ball hit the basket after the pop-up. The final Green Army lost the game to 1 point, was dragged into the opponent grab seven. This game Bradley 18 in 10 to get 27 points 4 steals, once again in the 2k mt end with excellent performance, but helpless green army or lost in the final. Grab the seven war will be in Beijing on May 16 at 8:00 in the Green Army home, is to start a holiday or cut the 2k mt for sale to the knight, a war will be life and death. And the Celtics game after the whistle sounded, the Wizards star star John - Wall jump on the technical platform, to vent their excitement and joy. He pulled a few jerseys, and then returned to the field, and wait for his teammates to celebrate. Today to get the game the last 2k mt, Wall hit the quasi-lore three points to help the team thrilling clearance. This is the first time Walter career in the last ten seconds hit equalizer or overtake three points.