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  • As an important rotation inside the bench, in the nine playoff buy mt this season, the internal averaging 17.9 minutes of time to contribute 10 points and 4.7 rebounds, shooting as high as 70.6% (ranked second in the buy mt), efficiency The highest value for the career of 21.6. When he was present, the Rockets scored 12.2 points per 100 rounds. His absence so that the team inside slightly empty, on the one hand starting buy mt Capella may need to increase the playing time, on the other hand the team or will enable the replacement power forward Harrell, in the playoffs this season, he only a total of only Played for 18 minutes. Lori has almost certainly determined to jump out of his last year's contract this summer to win a new $ 12 million annual salary increase. But only the Raptors can provide Lori with a five-year $ 200 million five-year buy mt, but also need to consider his current 31-year-old age and come in troubled state. In the last two games of the Raptors playoff, Lori did not play for ankle sprain. In addition to the Raptors and his home team 76 people, there are several other teams should be on the 3 All-Star players throw an olive branch. Among the few potential home in the mt nba, the San Antonio Spurs are the most likely, they have plenty of room for pay, and an in need of a player to take over Tony Parker's starting point guard buy mt. "He's a dirty player," said Drummond Green in his personal podcast. "I do not respect such a player, he can not become a great player, maybe he feels as if he must Do those things, but those actions are really not necessary.