Sanya remediation "circle" public beach beach chairs and other

  • In late May, Xinhua News Agency had video exposure Sanya Yalong Bay there is "for tourists, the public to enjoy the public beach suffered 'down' embarrassment, and there are some unreasonable operating charges chaos." Reported that Sanya Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort Some of the hotels are occupied by recreational facilities such as cruise ships and motorboats, and some of the hotels are surrounded by loungers, and the parasols are surrounded by sunrise on the side of the beach where the sea is close to the beach. Column impressively wrote "only for hotel guests use" the words, greatly squeeze the tourists, the public use of the beach space.
    In response to this chaos, Sanya City, introduced measures to correct the rectification, the current Sanya Yalong Bay public beach has been fully open, sun umbrellas, beach chairs and other beach facilities for tourists free of charge. Recently, the reporter once again came to Sanya Yalong Bay visit found in Sanya Yalong Bay "underwater world" area on the beach, by the Sanya Yalong Bay Management Committee set up the "free use of sun umbrellas, beach chairs," the icon is particularly eye-catching, After the free use of beach chairs and sun umbrellas set on the beach.
    It is reported that, for the media reports, Sanya City in late May introduced eight measures to control the public beach "slim" chaos: First, according to the law of the top of the box to deal with the public beach business and related businesses; the second is to recover the expired Public beach use rights are no longer renewed; third is to require the public beach of the sea enterprises, within the specified time to dismantle the public beach facilities, and restore the original beach; Fourth, the relevant enterprises have not yet demolished the public beach facilities, By the Jiyang District Government forcibly removed; five in the Yalong Bay Beach on the beach set up free open signs and complaints phone; six is to retain the first line of the sea enterprises to make a clear use of the sea norms; seven is the city of Sanya public sea situation A comprehensive thorough investigation, and the city's public baths for the overall planning; eight is to be used for the construction of public baths beach, as soon as possible to develop specific management programs, and public baths for safety assessment.
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