cultural and living habits are different

  • sanctuary will be regarded as infringed by the Indians without the approval of the tribal chiefs and the military, and are not legally protected. How did Lu Weiguang make friends with the Indians? Emirates ODIL introduction, the Barkley tribe of the Indians usually hunting, fishing and simple farming for a living.clear plastic deck roofing

    In order to improve the living environment of the Indians, Lu Weiguang for the Buckley tribe to provide means of transport, disease relief, housing construction, and help the Indians to commercialize handicrafts. "Friends of the Indians make friends just a part of Brazil's integration." Lu Fuqiang consul, Chinese enterprises into Brazil,deck and fence

    the biggest problem is how to integrate into? Geographical and distant, so that China and Pakistan cultural and living habits are different, such as Chinese businessmen talk about small profits, goods are more favorable price; Brazilian businessmen think: you have much more goods, I will be more people and Equipment,clear plastic stone patio railings